Fab III Queen Package


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Fab III Queen Package

Fab III loves hanging out with you and we are starting to think you might like us too! Take that love to the next level with our VIP Babes packages. You can choose to be a Fab III Babe every month or just when you feel like it. The money automatically gets added to your account to spend just like a gift card and you reap the benefits all month long! This service gives you access to exclusive deals, free shipping, and extra goodies!

You are a QUEEN!
This monthly package gives you:
- $100 pre-loaded onto your account
- Access to the secret Queen Facebook group
- 4 exclusive deals over the course of the month
- Free shipping all month long
- Exclusive Queen gifts


*Credits do not expire after the month

*Queen status does not auto-renew

*Deals and Free Shipping expire at month end

*Purchase now to be a part of the March Queen's group

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